Mini crane Hoeflon C10

The minicrane C10 is our very strongest crane: this compact crane lifts up to 4 tonnes. And that’s despite the fact that its own weight is just 5 tonnes. You wouldn’t think it to look at it though: it’s slim enough to fit through any door.

Other benefits:

  • Adjustable crawler track width
  • Radio control
  • Electric and fuel




4000 kg 

Max. outreach

19 m x 209 kg 

Maximum hoisting height, incl. options 

22 m 

Dimensions L x W x H

4.2 m x 0.8 m x 1.95 m 

Dimensions including winch and jib

4.5 m x 0.8 m x 1.95 m

Total weight

4500 kg and 4700kg incl. options

Boom system

Cylinder and chain system 

Boom angle

5 – 83 degrees 


360 degrees 

Drive system

via remote control 1st gear: 1.1 km/h 2nd gear: 3 km/h 


Yanmar 3 cylinder, 1500 rpm 

Incline angle 

20 degrees

Ground pressure 





Electric motor

400 V

Fly jib

15° negative

Hoisting winch 

1000 kg / 2000 kg 

Crawler tracks

White version

Levelling jack monitoring

5 positions

Hydraulic slewing